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Antony Brooke AdvDip.Hyp. ADPRAC


I have lived my whole life, apart from a 6 year sojourn to the UAE, in and around Mirfield West Yorkshire.

I progressed in my career from engineering apprentice (awarded apprentice of the year in the UK in 1977) through to Technical Director of an international engineering company operating mainly in the Oil and Gas sector.

In my late teens I became interested in Shotokan Karate and eventually attained my Second Dan black belt way back in 1986. I ran my own club in Halifax for a number of years overseeing many students graduate to various Dan grades. Karate gave way to Mountain Biking as my job and its related global travel made any kind of routine training or teaching virtually impossible. My interest in MTB’ing began with a charity ride in aid of MENCAP of 5 days across the Negev dessert in Israel, since then I have been lucky enough to ride all around California as well as the Hajar mountains in the UAE.

Throughout my life I have always been fascinated by science and engineering and yes I still am an avid viewer of videos on subjects such as Special Relativity and Quantum Physics on YouTube in the early hours, I don’t understand them all, but then again neither do the physicists!

Whilst living in Dubai and following a serious health diagnosis which triggered the onset of debilitating Panic Attacks and Specific Anxiety Disorder, I sought out psychotherapy and hypnotherapy from a wonderful therapist; it was this work that enabled me to come off the psychiatric drugs, overcome the disorder and begin to live a full life once more. Until this time I was the type to tell people to “pull themselves together” or “its all in your mind” which of course whilst being true, is hardly helpful!

Because of this experience and the realisation of how powerful the mind is in both negative and positive ways, I sought out a UK accredited Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy course which by chance(?) was just about to be run for the first time in Dubai and with four others qualified as a therapist, running my practice part time within the expat community in Dubai.

Maybe because of my personal experience with therapy, I am passionate about helping clients achieve their goals and have a better life, clients success is my success and I really believe we are on a journey together. No issue that is affecting a client's life is a small issue and very few issues cannot be improved with therapy.

Warm Regards.