Thank you a billion dear Tony!

I can honestly and from the bottom of my heart say you changed my life. Things I’ve been struggling with, spending hours of therapy trying find and build up my confidence and self trust, trying to let go or trying to understand was just digging me deeper into my insecurity. 

You changed that! 


I came to Tony with an addiction problem - a behaviour of either black or white meaning I either go for the full length or not at all. We had about 5 sessions and Tony gave me my homework to do - meaning to listen to every single session at home between our meetings. I am absolutely amazed on how well the hypnotherapies worked. I can now see “the grey shades” and no longer have to go the full way. This is the first time in my life and it is with great thanks to Tony’s ability. He has an amazingly calming voice and personality and I always felt so rejuvenated after our meetings. Keep it up - you certainly have a very special gift


When you told me I was done. That I was ready to stand on my own feet trusting what I’ve learned. my first reaction was NO! Don’t let me go. After a day or two I was sitting in my car and I realized this was just the right time to “push me out” your trust I was ok become my trust I’m ok. 

And I am so ok! 

You are so professional, warm-hearted and trustworthy. I will highly recommend you in the future. I was so lucky I was offered and picked to do this. 

Bless you Tony I wish you all the best!

Kimberley B



Wanted to give you some feedback from my morning as it's quite bizarre. 

Three things which would have made me furious today did not and I noticed straight away and it was so odd.


1. Kettle hadn't been boiled so I had to wait which is making me later for work hahaha sounds petty when I write it out. I just boiled the kettle and walked into the living room to cuddle and play with my son and suddenly thought "omg I didn't get angry!!!"


2. Driving to work I am usually furious. I suddenly realised half way through my drive to work I was calm, not irritable and just calmly driving to work. This is my road rage issue...


3. Oh and before I left the house couldn't find my keys. I normally start shouting about that, getting angry at myself... and I just quietly went to look for them...


It's so bizarre as it's not me doing it consciously... is this normal after only one session?


I got to work feeling calm and not having that agitated feeling inside me... it's so weird... 


This feels great! Whatever it is!


I am literally in shock though as I am not used to feeling like this...”